Verified Level 2 BBBEE
Level 5 CIDB Rating


Fume extraction cupboards -

fume cupboard options

fume cupboard options

stainelss steel equipment rack

stainelss steel equipment rack


  • double working area

  • removeable working tray

  • PP lined underbench cupboard

  • heat resistant removable worksurface

  • with sub mini DB and VSD

  • fitted with manometers

  • fitted with digital airlfow monitor and controls

  • fitted with warning lights

  • black internal lining

  • vented underbench cupboard

  • on steel support frame

  • horizontal sliding sash

  • water outlet and drip cup

  • fitted with digital controller

  • with emergency eye wash

  • fitted with manometers

  • fitted with safety stop switch

  • with Nutec heat panels

  • fire resistant storage under cupboards

  • Manometer

  • Carbon filter tester