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Level 5 CIDB Rating


Laboratory worktop support options -

Steel frames

Steel frames

epoxy coated steel A frames

epoxy coated steel A frames


  • epoxy coated steel frames

  • stainless steel support frames

  • cupbaords supporting the worktop

  • End frames

  • A frames

  • steel gallows brackets

  • steel gallows brackets

  • stainless steel support frames

  • mobile tables on heavy duty castor wheels

  • on heavy duty table frames

  • epoxy coated table farmes

  • epoxy coated steel table frames

  • Heavy duty mobile frames

  • stainless steel table frame

  • on epoxy coated steel frame

  • on steel table frames with mobile cpds

  • cupboards with open sitting spaces

  • epoxy coated steel gallows brackets

  • epoxy coated steel support frame

  • full row of fixed underbench cupboards

  • low height worktop with sitting spaces

  • mounted on open storage units