Verified Level 2 BBBEE
Level 5 CIDB Rating



LABSCHEME ALLCHEM relies upon its honest and co-operative attitude towards suppliers, clients and co-subcontractors to ensure the smooth running of all projects involved with.

The management team is available at all hours to facilitate the resolvement of any issues.

The company has all the necessary documentation available for scrutiny: SARS tax clearance certificate, UIF payments, workman’s compensation, RSC levies, public liability insurance, defective workmanship insurance. The company directly assists government services such as WSAR and Cape Nature to be able to “put something back” into the community.


Rory Bruins - Owner and projects manager

Rejane van Heerden - Laboratory furniture systems consultant and project manager

Dirk Loubser - Custom plastics and GRP fabrications (including fume cupboards and corrosive fume extraction) consultant and project manager

Nikki Adriaanse - Reception / Office admin

Carmen Titus - Accounts / General manager

Our company is verified level 2 BBBEE and has a level 5 CIDB rating. As a strict rule all purchases are made from BBBEE rated suppliers where possible. The company recognises the need for disadvantages community upliftment and this is a major factor in the sourcing of services and employees. Our company is dedicated to the assistance of various charities and organisations as an ongoing social responsibility programme


In 1990 Murray and Roberts decided to cease the operations of its plastics fabrications division, and the factory manager, Edwin Arendse, started the sole prop. business of Allchem Plastics. The company continued with the activity of custom fabrications from various types of plastics and GRP.

In 1993 Murray and Roberts decided to cease the operations of its specialised laboratory furniture manufacturing division, and the project manager, Rory Bruins, started the close corporation of Labscheme cc. The company continued with the activity of being specialist laboratory fitters exclusively concentrating on the design, manufacture supply and installation of laboratory furniture systems.

Due to the freedom to be able to adopt the required management attitudes, it became obvious that the direct involvement in all aspects of the work had had a dramatic effect on the company client relationships All customers were offered an increased customer service as well superior after sales services. Both companies flourished accordingly

In 1995 because of numerous complimenting activities it was decided to merge the 2 successful companies and form Labscheme Alchem CC
In November of 2010 Edwin Arendse passed away, and the entire business was taken over by the remaining founding partner Rory Bruins The company is now successfully being operated by the enthusiastic long serving staff members with a very promising future.

Labscheme Alchem cc s successfully undertaken many projects throughout the continent, as well as exports to neighbouring countries.